Terms of Use

Please read the following before using this site. All persons using this site are deemed to have agreed to the following.

Consent to Terms of Use

Welcome to Moonshot. This Consent to Terms of Use includes those matters concerned with the use of all software, products, and other services Moonshot provides for the users to visit the site, sign up, and make purchases.
The user of this site is deemed to have agreed with these Terms of Use and legal effects are applied to all clauses of these Terms of Use as presented below.
You may not use this site without agreeing to these Terms of Use.

Terms of Use can be supplemented or modified as necessary. Modifications are promptly updated in the Terms of Use page of the site. Users are deemed to have directly confirmed the modifications and the latest version of the Terms of Use is applied to all users. Please do not use the site if you do not agree with any modifications.


All content included in Moonshot’s service, such as programs, pages, images, and texts, are the properties of Moonshot. Such content shall not be modified or used without authorization in any territory worldwide. Modification or unauthorized use of Moonshot’s properties is subjected to a request for the prohibition of use or restrictions relating to responsibilities.

The user agrees with the Terms of Use and not to modify or reuse any data included in the services, such as images, programs, and texts related with Moonshot without authorization.

Access and Use from Overseas

This site can be accessed and used in any country in the world. The contents and products of the site may be restricted or made inaccessible according to the applicable laws of each country and the user will have to take responsibility according to the laws and regulations applied in his or her region.
The user agrees to observe the laws of e-commerce and customs established by his or her country when using this site.

Purchase Request, Establishment of Contract, Confirmation of Receipt, Cancellation of Modification and Supply of Goods

The user may make a purchase request and conclude the purchase contract only after providing the information of the goods to purchase and information of the user, confirming the contents of the Terms of Use, services on which the right to withdraw an order is restricted, and contents related with the payment of fees such as shipping charges, the consent to all Terms of Use, the choice of payment methods, etc.

Moonshot may decline a purchase request if approving the request is expected to cause serious technical difficulties in relation to a purchase by a minor, a false person, a missing person, or miswritten information in the request, and so forth.

Moonshot notifies the user of the confirmation of receipt when the user makes a purchase request. After receiving the notice of the confirmation of receipt, the user may modify or cancel the purchase request within the prescribed time after receiving the notice of the confirmation of receipt if there are discrepancies in the expression of intent, and when Moonshot receives the user’s request, it shall immediately take actions accordingly. However, if the payment has already been made, refer to the provisions on the cancellation of orders below.

Moonshot shall take all necessary measures such as custom orders, packing, and so forth in order to ship the goods within 7 days after the user makes a request, unless otherwise announced or agreed to with the user at the time of supply concerning goods, etc. However, if Moonshot has already received the payment for the goods, etc. in whole or in part, within 2 business days after the payment was received, Moonshot shall take appropriate actions to allow the user check the goods supply procedures and progress.
Moonshot shall indicate a shipping method for the goods purchased by the user, the person shouldering the shipping costs for each shipping method, and the shipping period for each method. If Moonshot fails to deliver the goods within the shipping period agreed without particular notification and causes a loss to a user, the user may request compensation. However, this shall not apply when Moonshot proves that such a delay was not caused by its intent or fault.

Terms of Use for Overseas Shipping
Taxes collected by the country of destination, tariffs, and fees (import fees) may be imposed on the goods shipped to your country.
The person who receives the goods (customer) is considered an importer in the country or destination and therefore has the responsibility to pay all import commissions.
Moonshot is not responsible for tax imposition/non-importation caused by the negligence of the purchaser in checking them in advance.
Inquire the shipper indicated in the e-mail for shipping confirmation in order to obtain documents and receipts related with customs clearance.
If you refuse to receive the goods shipped from Moonshot, you must pay basic shipping charges, import charges on the corresponding goods, and return charges to Moonshot. These charges will be deducted from any refunds.

Payment Method

Payment for goods and services purchased at Moonshot may be made using the following methods. The method may vary depending on the circumstances.

“ : Credit Card (Visa, Master, JCB, Amex)
: Escrow (Alipay China, CUP China)”

Cancellation/Effect of Cancellation

A user who concludes a contract with Moonshot for the purchase of goods and so forth may directly cancel the order in case the order if the “Order Placed” status after receiving the notification for the confirmation of receipt. The cancellation cannot be directly cancelled from the “Processing” stage and you must contact Customer Center through e-mail to check whether an order can be cancelled.

Moonshot shall refund the payment provided for goods within 3 business days after receiving the goods returned from the user. In this case, if Moonshot delays the refund to the user for the goods and so forth, the user may request compensation according to the method established and publically announced by the Fair Trade Commission (Korea) for the delay.
In providing the refund, if the user made payment with a credit card or cyber cash, Moonshot shall immediately request the agency which offered the corresponding payment method to halt or cancel the payment request.
For the cancellation of an order, the user shall shoulder the expenses required for returning the goods and so forth delivered. Moonshot does not request cancellation charges or compensation on the grounds of order cancellation. However, if the user is cancelling an order as a result of discrepancies between the contents of the goods received and the contents expressed or advertised or in the execution of the contract, Moonshot shall shoulder all expenses required for the return of goods, etc.

If the user paid the shipping cost when receiving the goods and so forth, Moonshot shall clearly indicate who shoulders the expenses for cancelling the order in a manner that can be easily understood by the user.
Please note that the following terms are applied to overseas shipping from Moonshot.
"<Refund on Return>
Cancellation approval is requested within 3 business days after the returned goods arrive at the Moonshot distribution center.
It takes an additional 7-10 business days on average from the date the request for approval is made until the final refunds are submitted. Please inquire with your credit card company or Escrow if approval is delayed.

<Refund upon Cancellation>
Cancellation approval is requested within 3 business days from the cancellation of an order.
It takes an additional 7-10 business days on average from the date the request for approval is made until the final refund is submitted.
Please inquire with your credit card company or Escrow if approval is delayed.


If Moonshot is unable to deliver or provide the products that the user ordered for purchase due to unavailability and so forth, it will immediately notify the user of the reason and also refund the payment received for the products.

• The user can send an e-mail to Moonshot Customer Center (e-mail address) about the return within 7 days after receiving the product and the center will guide the user about the exchange/return procedures.
• The product registered for return shall arrive at the Moonshot distribution center in Korea within 10 days after the registration date.
• The product for return must not be used.
• The product for return must stay packed as it initially was.
• The exchange or return may be refused if the product’s condition is unacceptable.
• Send the product using a traceable and insured method of transportation. Moonshot will not be responsible for any packages that it did not send. Keep the return receipt to check the return of the product.
• Initial shipping charges and taxes are not refunded for returned products.
• We do not accept the return of final sale items.

Moonshot Customer Center: moonshotglobal@codecosme.com


Moonshot shall be exempted from liabilities relating to the suspension of services due to the suspension of services by key telecommunications business operators or force majeure, including natural disaster and war.
Moonshot shall be exempted from liabilities relating to any losses caused by the malfunction of a member’s computer or incorrect information provided by the member.
Moonshot is not responsible for previewing or reviewing postings made by members and is exempted from all disputes arising from such postings. However, Moonshot will not be exempted from liabilities relating to such disputes if they were caused by Moonshot’s intent or fault.

Compensation for Damages

The user confirms that he or she understands Moonshot’s programs and Terms of Use. The user also agrees that the user shall shoulder all expenses, including court costs, for possible legal issues. Moonshot will not participate in nor take responsibility for any problems that may arise between the user and a third party or between users. Moonshot agrees to give full cooperation for a legal resolution of issues arising from postings made by users. The user concerned will be charged for all damages incurred, including court costs.
The contents of compensation for damages agreed upon between Moonshot and a user may not be valid in some areas overseas, and therefore, this may not be applied depending on where the user lives. If you do not agree with this clause, stop using the site.

Site Use, Account Management, and Closing

Some features provided within the site require account registration. When providing information for account registration, you must agree to enter correct information. Moonshot has the right to suspend any account, restrict the use of the site, and cancel orders when false or non-existing information is provided. User’s e-mail addresses and passwords are required for account registration. If a personal account is used by a third person, it must be reported to Moonshot immediately for countermeasures. Moonshot is not responsible for any damages caused by user negligence in managing his or her account.
The user shall agree to use this site legitimately. Using this site illegally or uploading illegal contents to this site will result in the civil liability of the user/uploader. Contents that cause inconvenience to other users and contents that may infringe upon the intellectual property rights of the company or a third person shall not be used. Appropriate use of the site within the regulations of the user’s country is advised.

Accessing this site using an interface other than the one provided by Moonshot is prohibited. It is also prohibited to create or keep a link leading to another site without Moonshot’s approval. The information within this site shall not be copied to another site without prior consent of Moonshot and shall be used within the boundaries of observing all applicable laws, regulations, and rules.

Illegal payments or attempted credit card crime may lead to the discretionary cancellation of the related account/order. The user agrees that such an act may be punishable by applicable laws and leads to restrictions on accessing this site and related sites in the future.

This consent includes the consent between Moonshot and a user and may be suspended or modified without notice at Moonshot’s discretion. The user may withdraw from the site at any time if he or she does not agree with this clause. The user agrees to discard all information obtained from Moonshot after withdrawal.

The following will continue to be applicable after withdrawing from the Moonshot site.

User Contents

Some features provided within the site post user content. The user agrees that he or she is responsible for the content he or she posts. You must check whether the information is incorrect and whether it is reliable before posting. Any information you post may not be modified or deleted in the future. Your posting is an individual opinion that does not represent the official position of Moonshot. Therefore, the content of which is not guaranteed by Moonshot.

The author shall take responsibility for the authenticity, reliability, copyright, trademark, and patent related matters of the content of his or her posting. Because any unauthorized use of a third person’s intangible assets/intellectual assets may become a legal problem, the user must review all content before posting, and all problems caused by a user’s negligence in reviewing such matters are not related whatsoever to Moonshot.

The writing/content that members post to Moonshot’s website belong to Moonshot, and members cannot claim their rights for royalties, exclusive rights, translation licenses, and sublicenses while such writing/content may be reused by Moonshot. The content posted shall be wholesome, shall not include offensive words, and shall not infringe upon any other person’s personal information or basic rights. Any member who uses the rights of an original author without authorization by posting content that infringe upon another individual’s intangible assets and intellectual property rights may be subject to legal restrictions.
For legal judgment, any content that a member posted to Moonshot related websites may be saved discretionally and submitted to the courts.

Authors of postings and content agree not to upload the following to the site.

The following content shall not be used when using the site.

a. Content that may cause inconvenience to other users, false and illegal content, obscene content, etc.
b. Content that may cause damage to other users, content related to stalking, etc.
c. Content that is fabricated/distorted by falsely assuming the title of another organization or individual
d. Content that is inappropriate for minors
e. Content with a falsely represented source/author
f. Contents infringing another person’s intellectual property right
g. Contents that uses another person’s intellectual property rights and intangible assets without authorization
h. SPAM unwanted by the receiver, content that solicits pyramid-sales
i. Content/links intending to distribute various viruses using various communication devices
j. Content with an intent to collect other members’ information
k. Cases of intending unauthorized access to unpermitted sites
l. Cases of attempting unauthorized access to unpermitted servers/networks

Moonshot is not responsible for any content uploaded by individuals such as photos and writing and has the right to edit, move, or delete content that is deemed inappropriate, discretionally, and also delete the related account without notice. The user using this program agrees with this clause. The harmfulness of the content provided by a user may not be reviewed by Moonshot before posting and the content is not official data recognized by Moonshot. The user agrees to review the content of their writing by himself or herself before posting it to Moonshot related sites.

This site was created for adult users. For minors at or under 18 years of age, posting information or writing to Moonshot related sites is prohibited.

Private Information Management

By using this site, the user consents to the privacy policy of the company. Please check the privacy policy outlined on the site before using the site. All information provided by the user is managed according to the privacy policy of Moonshot.

Duties of the Site

Moonshot shall not commit any act against applicable laws, these Terms of Use, and the public order and good morals and shall do its best in providing goods and services consistently and stably according to the provisions of these Terms of Use.
Moonshot shall retain a security system to protect users’ personal information (including credit card information) to make sure users can use the internet service safely.

Moonshot has the responsibility to compensate users for damage caused by any unreasonable expression/advertisement about goods and services.
Moonshot does not send advertising e-mails in pursuit of profits that are not wanted by the user.


The content included in this consent stipulates matters to which the user and Moonshot shall agree in using the site. Agreeing to the content of this consent is equivalent to signing a written contract, statement, and a verbal contract.

Severability; Legal Interpretation

If some content of this consent are illegal or have no legal validity, other content except such content will be considered valid. The term “including” used in this consent refers to “unrestricted inclusion”, which does not represent a specific range.

Resolution of Disputes
Moonshot operates an organization to handle compensation for damages in order to reflect reasonable opinions and complaints given by users and compensate for damages that may have happened.
Moonshot is determined to handle complaints and opinions suggested by users promptly. However, if it is difficult to handle them quickly, the company will immediately notify the user of the reason and estimated schedule for a resolution.
E-commerce disputes between the Moonshot site and users may be referred to the Fair Trade Commission of Korea or an arbitration agency delegated by the mayor or governor in Korea upon any user’s request for injury relief.

Link; Web Page of a Third Party

The information provided and displayed through a link or a third party is a reference for the convenience of buyers, and Moonshot does not guarantee or takes responsibility for any third party content. The user shall check the credibility of the information provided by a third party by himself or herself.

Provision, Modification, and Suspension of Service

Moonshot may temporarily discontinue its services for plausible reasons such as the repair, inspection, replacement, or problems with information and communication facilities, including computers, and severance of communication. Damage caused to users or a third party due to a temporary discontinuation of services shall be compensated for, however, not when Moonshot’s intent or fault is proven to be absent.

If Moonshot becomes no longer capable of providing services due to a change of business, discontinuation of business, or merger between companies, it shall notify users and compensate users for any damage caused by the discontinuation of services according to policies announced on the Moonshot site.


The user agrees with all terms and conditions above and acknowledges that Moonshot may restrict his or her use of the site when he or she violates the Terms of Use. Any problem related with the content of the Moonshot site or this contract shall be raised within 1 year after the date of use. Please check the articles on the restricted rights of Moonshot as announced on the site.


Moonshot gladly accepts inquiries/opinions about the Terms of Use.